Palmitoyl Chloride

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Details :

  • Synonym : Hexadecanoyl chloride
  • Application : A compound which has been used as a polymeric carrier for plasmid DNA delivery to 293T cells
  • Purity : ≥99%
  • Molecular Weight : 274.87
  • Molecular Formula : C16H31ClO


Technical Information :

  • Physical State : Liquid
  • Storage : Desiccate at room temperature
  • Melting Point : 11-13 oC (lit.)
  • Boiling Point : 88-90 oC (lit.) at 0.2 mmHg
  • Density : 0.91 g/mL at 25 oC (lit.)
  • Uses : Palmitoyl chloride is a colorless to yellowish liquid for the synthesis of substances which is used in many applications,it is also is used as intermediates in organic synthesis.